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Yelling Faces - Đợi Chờ (Waiting) - 2019

The Yelling Faces


Part of making art allows me to be free, free to say things that I think each day fast and effortlesslly as breathing. I need a medium for it. And so, in New York in 2010, the Yelling Faces appeared, in different forms – sculpture, drawings, ink on paper. In time, I realized they are my faces. They are also seeking anwers to the big questions of life as in my other works. I was reminded of those faces again during the covid-19 lockdown period. And I have made them each day since. Yell!


I always keep a notebook with me wherever I go,

Jotting down ideas that come to mind,

Catching them immediately the way

that would please David Lynch,

Before they recede into the mysterious collective

Consciousness or universe where they came from.


Those palm-sized notebooks are private. But these drawings are my notebooks on walls. Yell!!


Or maybe because Aquarians have a big urge to communicate. For Aquarius artists like Jeff Koons, Yoko Ono, Jackson Pollock, Lawrence Weiner and Derek Jarman and me, our art is our megaphone. Yell!!!


YELL, YELL with all one’s Might!!!!


Injustice, Love, War, Peace, and all the Important Mundanes


Muffled voices buried deep yelling at the face of tragedy, before leaving this life, amidst the sea of the long pandemic, crazy things happened, suffering ensured. The yelling faces Yelled!


A diary on canvas, beer bottle, plastic wrap, waxed boxes, shopping bag, with graffiti paint pen. Trash became art?


Dates, feeling, dad’s passing, love making, days, arguments, months, repression, hypocrisies, stupidities, , pleasures etc recorded.


I drew the faces on big canvas and ran them over with the wheels of my License 2 Draw robots, covered them with paint. The Trampled voiceless. Bulldozed, flattened, disappeared.


Nói chại, nói ngược, satirical, cursing, thankfulness…


English, Vietnamese, in reverse, two souls in one body…


A Nuclear Winter is imminent? Are we too crazy to Not to YELL?


Now Yelling at Singapore Art SG



Sài Gòn, Rainy Season

13 Oct 2022


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