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Your contributions to ECO-ĐI fund will PROTECT EARTH'S ECOLOGY


WITH A special PAIR OF SLIPPERS. This is it. The ECO-ĐI slipper.


You will walk and create numerous bar-reliefs like this on sand "GOOD TRAVELERS LEAVE NO TRACES" to remind people to leave no Trash behind.



The ECO-ĐI slippers will travel with you all over the world to gently remind the need to change our attitude toward Earth's Ecology. You are part of the biggest brainwashing campaign ever to save the Earth.


You will be:

- an Environmental advocate

- an Art collector

- an Art performer

with this special ECO-ĐI slippers below


Your precious contributions will:


1. Help establish ECO-ĐI production fund.

2. Get you a special artwork, a pair of artist designed ECO-ĐI slippers to bring Lao' Tzu message to the world, to save Earth's ecology.

3. Reinvest back completely into the production cost and make this ECO-ĐI Environmental Art project truly self-sustainable for a long time, till the Earth no longer exist, to the Moons and Mars and beyond. 

4. Send 1% of ECO- ĐI profit to support the environmental protection organizations

Put on an Eco-Đi slippers now to deliver the message of protecting the environment globally!Be part of the ECO-ĐI global movement!

As seen in Singapore, Los Angeles and Indonesia, Scotland, Jakarta, Hong Kong, UK, Italy, Indonesia, Bali, and Việt Nam, ...


For more convenience, you can also claim your favourite perks and pay via Zelle or Paypal:

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Thank you for Your contribution to the ECO-ĐI Fund. We will keep this project truly sustainable and last long after our lives. Because protecting the Earth's Ecology is not a 5 exhibition or 5 to 10 years plan.