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​Thinking Rock in Joshua Tree National Park (Hight Desert Test Sites Exhibition)

1. Dimension, Material:
Plaster, Led signs, Aluminum, Steel, Paint, AC power (optional Battery or Solar Panel)
37" x 44" x 29" (93.4cm x 111.8cm x 73.6cm)

2. Thinking Rock sculpture concept:
In Think Rock, I used the LED sign (Light-Emitting Diode) to enable a rock to tell its story. In its story, the Rock is made by an artist (me), it is not a real rock. As Rene Magritte painted a text under his painting of a pipe, "This is not a pipe". The Rock goes on to say that if it were a real rock, it would be very old. It would have witness the whole history of the world, the America. It might have been stepped or peed on by dinosaurs. It also goes on to say it doesn't like the fact I put my thoughts on to his thought bubble or invite my artist friends to write the text for it. Texts were uploaded on to the LED by a computer.
This serves as an electronic text display billboard. The text/writing content can be written for a particular location

3. Full text of THINKING ROCK (text for LED):
I am not a rock just as the text in Rene Magritte's painting "Ceci n'est une pipe" says. I am the representation of a rock. The artist of this studio decided to make one instead of getting a real one.Out of money to buy one? Too heavy to transport a real one? Perhaps. But not quite the main reason.
His idea for this L.E.D. (electronic text display) is to project his thoughts on me, a poor fake rock.
Even worse, every two weeks, he would invite a writer to compose a short tex for the thought bubble on top of me. There is already a line of writers lining up in his head. That's scary. I hate people projecting their thoughts on me. All these writers, their problems, insecurities, insanity, sexual frustration mistaken as creative forces, financial problems misunderstood as a condition of genius, low self-esteem, arrogant, stupidity, etc will become mine. I just don't want any of those. Those are not my shit, not my business. I am just a rock. I am cool. I am content. I am at peace with myself. I was made out of plaster, wood, and chicken wire 2 days ago.
The artist who brought me to life to thinks that a rock with a thought bubble is a great ideas since rock tend to know a lot about history. It's like old people knows more things just by living a long life
Most us rocks lives longer that any human being so they must know more
For example, if one find a rock from the 1600, it might have seen buffalo roam the American continent, sat on by some Indians, peed on even.
That rock would have probably witnessed the whole history of America: the Mayflower settlers, their descendants and their conflicts with the natives, the competition between the races, the first motored car that came to replace the horse-drawn carriages.
But I have seen this world for only a few days, and all I see are art students and you. It's good to see you all: architect, art lovers, collectors, gallerists, wanderers, free-drink seekers, artists, and artist wannabe....
I love to see you all but remember that I will hate you if you try to contact my owner to submit what you think I have in mind.
Concept NYC - LA - Joshua Tree - High Desert Test Sites - 2006

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